11 de juny del 2023

The Faber Book of Espionatge, editat per Nigel West

 West, Nigel (ed.). The Faber Book of Espionatge. London : Faber and Faber, 1993 ISBN: 057116854X

Since the creation of the British Secret Service in 1909, a rich tradition has developed in both fiction and non-fiction - from Graham Greene, Somerset Maughan, William Gibson and David Cornwell to Anthony Cavendish, Kim Philby, Derek Tangye and Peter Wright. In this anthology, espionage writer Nigel West seeks clues to authentic espionage incidents in fiction and highlights the most controversial passages in the non-ficton, scrutinizing both M15 and M16 pre- and post-war activity.


Un especialista de la història dels serveis secrets britànics, nord-americans i russos busca pistes sobre incidents d'espionatge autèntics a la ficció.

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