6 d’abril del 2017

Book review: The Wrong Side of Goodbye by Michael Connelly

[South Coast Register, 6 april 2017]

Pauline Latham

The Wrong Side of Goodbye is a riveting read from start to finish. It is the 16th Harry Bosch novel from popular crime fiction author Michael Connelly. The story opens with Harry awaiting an interview with a former boss, Creighton from the police department, who asks Harry to do some private detective work between his normal, part-time departmental duties.
Although Harry does not trust Creighton, he agrees to having a further interview with Creighton’s client, the aging aviation billionaire Whitney Vance. Vance charges Harry with the job of finding a possible heir to his empire, but with the understanding that Harry is only answerable to Vance, not Creighton. Harry readily agrees to take on the job, but whether this potential heir is still alive is as yet unknown.
Harry’s former experience with cold cases equips him well for the job at hand. He makes fast and satisfying progress in tracking down possible Vance heirs before becoming involved in the ‘screen cutter’ serial murders. Tracking down this serial killer becomes the major part of his regular job with the San Fernando Police Department, where few crimes of this magnitude have been encountered.
Harry is an intelligent, knowledgeable and intuitive cop who uses instinct to his advantage in every case he takes on. This story, with its double plot-line takes the reader ever further into the workings of Harry’s mind and admiration grows for his uncanny perception, even as the excitement and suspense overtakes the helplessly hooked reader.
The well-paced, tightly woven plot intricacies, suspenseful and elegant story writing, studded with numerous eloquent and descriptive passages in The Wrong Side of Goodbye, not only stands and delivers more than readers have come to expect, but will also enslave many new Harry Bosch fans into the bargain.
The Wrong Side of Goodbye
Michael Connelly
Allen & Unwin

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