6 de març del 2022

The Faber Book of Murder, editat per Simon Rae (en anglès)

Rae, Simon. The Faber Book of Murder. London : Faber and Faber, 1994 ISBN: 

Murder in all its aspects has been one of mankind's perennial obsessions ever since Cain slew Abel, and the subject has fillet not just the headlines but the pages, too, of many of the world's finest writers. So Simon Rae's anthology is a good back alleys of literary practice.

Shakespeare and Dickens are represented here with the abundance you would expect, but from Greek tragedy to the contemporary thriller a range of writers including the Marquis de Sade and Dorothy L. Sayers, Dante and Dostoevsky, De Quincey, Freud, W. H. Auden and SImon Armitage have their say ass well. A special coup is the first printing of part of a newly discovered verse tale by George Crabbe.

The Faber Book of Murder is a magnificently engrossing literary Chambers of Horrors.


Una antologia de textos amb l'excusa dels termes més comuns del #gènerenegre (en anglès). 

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