1 de desembre de 2015

In Prison: Afroamerican Prison Music from Blues to HipHop

It is a sad commentary on American culture that so much black music has emerged from the nation's prison system. Spanning successive generations (from blues legend Leadbelly to psychedelic iconArthur Lee to hip-hop superstar Tupac Shakur), many of our greatest musicians have languished behind bars. Trikont's gripping compilation In Prison: Afro-American Prison Music from Blues to Hip-Hop assembles 19 vital songs exploring incarceration from a multitude of experiences and vantage points. By turns incendiary and harrowing, the music's cumulative force is remarkable, and while the weapons of choice may vary from acoustic guitars to samplers, the rage and sorrow that churn beneath the melodies never subsides. Highlights include Nina Simone's "Work Song," Curtis Mayfield's "Short Eyes," and the Last Poets' "Court Room."

Jason Ankery

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