2 de gener del 2014

Peter Gunn, d'Henry Mancini

Henry Mancini. The Jazz Sound from Peter Gunn. [USA]: Fresh Sound, 1994 (CD)

Though it doesn't have its classic opening theme, this second installment of Mancini's breakthrough work for the TV series contains 12 selections that positively emanate "private eye," and solidified the connection between jazz and detective stories that continues to this day in film and television. Mancini calls on a small jazz combo for a majority of the tracks here, swinging bop tunes like "Walkin' Bass," "Goofin' at the Coffee House" (with Vic Feldman on vibes), and "My Manne Shelly" (with, of course, Shelly Manne on drum solo). For the love themes such as "Joanna," the lush side of Mancini takes over, with a sultry bed of strings making their case. This is effortless, light jazz of the top order.

Ted Mills

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