5 de gener del 2014

Gunn... number one!, d'Henry Mancini

Henry Mancini. Gunn... Number One!music from the motion picture score. Madrid: BMG, 1999 (CD)

With his title theme to the 1958 television thriller Peter Gunn, Henry Mancini effectively defined the sound of the American detective drama as indelibly as Ennio Morricone established the musical palette of spaghetti Westerns. But Mancini may have gone to the well once too often with his soundtrack for director Blake Edwards' 1967 big-screen feature Gunn...Number One! An unsuccessful attempt to update the title character for a new era, the film required Mancini to do little more than go through the motions, updating and re-recording many of the same compositions he wrote for the original series. Even with contributions from L.A. session masters like Ray BrownBud Shank, and Shelly Manne, there's an undeniable been-there-done-that ennui plaguing the material. For Mancinicompletists only.

Jason Ankeny

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