2 d’octubre del 2013

Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart. London: Spectrum Music, 1999 (CD)

Wild at Heart Soundtrack album was released Mar 24, 2009 on the Spectrum Music label. After the widespread adulation over both Blue Velvet and Twin Peaks, it was clear that the soundtrack to David Lynch's ironic and brutal interpretation of the road movie wasn't going to nestle quite as snugly into the arms of popular consciousness. Wild at Heart Soundtrack music CDs Classical orchestrations, duck-tailed rock & roll, and billowing Man From Another Place jazz latched onto one another with accommodating schizophrenia, lending an edge of a parasitical experience to this dark, very funny film. Wild at Heart Soundtrack songs Take Powermad with their pinwheel-arm speed metal or Nicolas Cage crooning through a startling, charming "Love Me Tender." As impressive as it is divisive, probably the only way to score a film that includes a distressed girl trying to hold her brains in as she talks about missing pockets. Wild at Heart Soundtrack album ~ Dean Carlson Composer: Angelo Badalamenti. Wild at Heart Soundtrack CD music Producers: Peter Aftermath, Diane DeLouise Wessel, Angelo Badalamenti, Tim Bomba, Mark Roswell, Erik Jacobsen, David Lynch, David Slusser. Engineers: Bob Edward, Art Polhemus, Karen Seigel, M.T. Silvia, George Tutko, Stephen Marcussen.

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