25 de juliol de 2017

Italia Noir

Italia Noir: Criminal Mood. [s.l.]: Halidon, 2011  (CD)

Noir is the reality of crime, without heroes or happy ending. There aren’t good coops, science or tech geek: the noir is about a world without distinction between good or bad, because the world is a scary place and everyone just try to get by. People go to the movies to see this world, to see the violence of Italian slums.

While film noir is a cinematic term used primarily to describe stylish Hollywood crime dramas, particularly those that emphasize cynical attitudes and sexual motivations, Italian noir is often put in the shadow by the more famous French and American films. Italian dramas from the seventies are one of a kind, with meaningful title such as Italia a mano armata (Italy with guns)La Poliziachiede aiuto (Police ask for help)Milano Odia - la Polizia non può sparare (Milan hates – The Police can’t fire)Folk and violence, etc. These are some of the most famous film of the genre, and they have the most peculiar elements of the genre: violence, sleazy slums, bad cops, worse criminals, car chase, flared jeans, punch, etc. The soundtrack of these films is now as characteristic and essential for the imaginary of the films.

One of the artists that worked to create the original musical mood of the noir film is  Franco Micalizzi; he was born in Rome December 21, 1939 and he was a peculiar and prolific composer. Micalizzi wrote some of the most famous soundtrack: he composed musical ideas that soon became famous, another brilliant example of the illustrious tradition of Italian soundtracks. The most outstanding representative of this tradition is surely Ennio Morricone. The Oscar-winning musician took a challenge with this genre writing the soundtrack of Milano Odia - la Polizia non può sparare (Milan hates – The Police can’t fire). Theseand other composers have achieved a result that was certainly beyond their expectations:  with their music they have created a fascinating world, full of suggestions that go beyond the films.

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