28 de juny de 2015

Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 248 – Sorry, Wrong Number

[Ràdio Detective Story Hour, 1 june 2015]

For fans of old time radio, Sorry, Wrong Number 
with Agnes Moorehead (right) is one of the best dramas to listen to. After all, it was repeated onSuspense due to popular demand eight times; but as a radio drama, it is also a finely crafted, well executed piece of radio production ever heard and perhaps a lesson to those who want to produce audio drama.  While she is essentially, the only character (there are other voices in small roles), there is also a hidden character in the sound effects.  What will be immediately apparent is the lack of musical bridges as the sound effects carry this production heightening the tension instead of the music.
I examine this production and also mention the blooper that occurs at the end of this particular broadcast. It is an episode worth a listen.
Music under is Matthew Stone playing solo sax on Cry Me a River.

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