16 de març de 2017

Brit Noir, de Barry Forshaw

Barry Forshaw. Brit Noir: The Pocket Essential Guide to the Crime Fiction, Film & TV of the British Isles. Harpenden: Pocket Essentials, 2016. ISBN: 978-1-84344-640-8

Barry Forshaw is acknowledged as a leading expert on European crime fiction, but his principal area of expertise is in the crime arena of the British Isles. Continuing the earlier success of the series with Nordic Noir and Euro Noir, he now returns home to produce the definitive reader's guide to modern British crime fiction.
Every major living writer of the British Isles is considered, often through a concentration on one or two key books, and exciting new talents are highlighted for the reader. And as the genre is as much about films and TV as it is about books, Brit Noir celebrates crime on the screen as well as on the page.
Barry Forshaw’s personal acquaintance with writers, editors and publishers is unparalleled, and the book contains a host of new first-hand insights into the genre and its practitioners.

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