19 de desembre de 2015

Jazz Noir

Jazz Noir. [s.l.]: Not Now, 2014  (3 CD)

This 3 CD set brings together the many musical styles that have brought musical atmosphere to the world of movies. Here you will find the works of many composers performed by many of the finest jazz and orchestral performers. Quite a lot of the numbers included could be familiar especially if you are a film goer but there are plenty you may not instantly recognise...the question is will you check them out on line and perhaps get the film because of the music?

A look at CD1 gets me excited as my favourite composer is there at track number one, Henry Mancini...Peter Gunn the TV show starred Craig Stevens. Hollywood film composer Alex North provides music from the movie A Streetcar Named Desire. British entrant and James Bond composer to be John Barry here provides the music from an early exploitation film entitled Beat Girl. Oscar winner Johnny Mandel provides the main theme from the emotional I Want to Live.

CD2 opens with the fine jazz composition Harlem Nocturn performed by Duke Ellington. Henry Mancini is back with the main theme from the classic Touch of Evil. More music from the small screen in '77 Sunset Strip and the Warren Barker orchestra.

CD3 opens with music from the big screen presentation of A Streetcar Named Desire. Another big film of the 1950s was The James Dean Story and Leith Stevens orchestra performs Rebel at Work. One of the biggest names Miklos Rozsa provided the score for the controversial The Asphalt Jungle.

All heard there are 60 atmospheric and evocative compositions offered for your consideration and referencing. I am sure you will enjoy the music the atmosphere and the genre.

The sound quality of the transfers is excellent throughout and the liner notes by Colin Salter draw a suitable picture of the music included in the collection. I think that film and television series buffs will enjoy this set along with those who enjoy the music of great popular composers.

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