21 de juliol de 2015

Trouble in the Heartland, de Joe Clifford (ed.)

Trouble in the Haertland: Crime Fiction Inspired by the Songs of Bruce Springsteen. Edited by Joe Clifford. [s.l.]: Gutter Books, 2014. ISBN:978-1939751027

Like some born killers, this pairing of crime stories and the songs of Bruce Springsteen is a natural one...

Each of the accomplished authors in this unique anthology chose a Springsteen title as a starting point, and drove headlong to wherever that inspiration called. The destinations are as wildly diverse and far-reaching as the songs that inluenced them. Some arrive at hope and redemption; others end up smoking in a ditch. One thing's for sure: you sign up for this ride, and Trouble in the Heartland will transport you somewhere unforgettable.

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